Insurance Benefits for NDA Members by Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA)

LIVE WEBINAR: December 10 @ 10 AM PST

Join NDA Executive Director, Layke Martin, as she sits down with Steve and Matt Harris from Coreprime to discuss exclusive opportunities for NDA members.

This discussion will cover the following topics:
  • Which insurance carriers have provider networks that are going to give my employees the best provider access options? 
  • What types of plans do I need to offer to attract quality employees?
  • What technology options are out there to help streamline our benefits administration workflows? 
  • Will you (the Broker) assist us with support issues when they arise?
  • Will you (the Broker) be assisting us with open enrollment?
  • When do I need to offer a new hire health insurance?
  • Who will explain the health insurance plans to our employees?
  • What is COBRA, IRS Form 5500, ERISA, FMLA, and why do I need these compliance items?
  • Can I pay our premiums in cash?

Estimated Class Duration: 60 minutes

Includes time for Q & A
Certificates of Completion to be provided
Details subject to change

Disclaimer: Nevada Dispensary Association does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our partners, vendors and/or sponsors, nor do they influence the Association's objectives, priorities, or informational content. We thank our partners for their support, which enables NDA to continue its work advocating on behalf of a safe, regulated cannabis industry in Nevada.

Insurance Benefits for NDA Members

Starts Dec 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST