Financial Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Procedures by Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA)

Safeguard your cannabis company with expert financial compliance guidance.

Join Indiva Advisors, LLP Founder Jessica Velazquez, CPA and Nevada Organic Remedies General Counsel Krystal Saab, Esq. as they break down the complexities associated with working within the financial sector of Nevada's cannabis industry.

Topics Include:
  • New monthly reports to Taxation
  • All required tax forms
  • Common deficiencies
  • How to avoid suspicion from IRS
  • Tips and tricks for flawless records

Financial Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Procedures


The Nevada Dispensary Association is dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada cannabis dispensaries, including providing world-class training resources, as well as supporting the efforts of cannabis establishments to provide high quality, safe cannabis to Nevada’s consumers.